Concerts 2024

30.6. Duo Dryades in Gravigny, Atelier d’A, France
1.7. Duo Dryades in Honfleur, La Forge, France
2.7. Duo Dryades in Honfleur, La Forge, France
4.7. Duo Dryades in Guillevec, Chapelle St. Tremeur, France
6.7. Duo Dryades in Erguy, Chaz Pascale, France

Concerts 2019

12.5. Music Festival Probaltica in Torun, Poland

Concerts 2018

6.8. Vihti Church, Finland klo 19.00. “Bach and Piazzolla” Pantaleón-quintet

7.8. Library of Kerava, Finland 18.00.

8.8. Tampere theater festival, Finland “Maestro Astor”, Programme tent 19.00.

13. – 14.10. Uppsala International Guitar Festival, Sweden

Concerts 2017

Tuesday 6 June, Church of Lakeuden risti, at 6 pm, Seinäjoki, Duo Dryades

Wednesday 7 June, Church of Kokkola , Duo Dryades

Thursday 9 June,  Church of Raahe, at 8 pm Duo Dryades

Wednesday 5 July,  Words and Music in Kajaani-festival, Kajaani, Finland, Mestari Astor

Friday 7 July, Sata Häme Soi -festival, at 9 pm, Ikaalinen, Finland, Mestari Astor

Sunday 9 July, Hyvinkää Church, at 6 pm, Finland, Duo Dryades

Tuesday 11 July, Church of the Cross, Lahti, at 6 pm, Finland, Duo Dryades

Thursday 13 July, Savonlinna Cathedral, at 5 pm, Finland, Duo Dryades

Sunday 16 July, Kuopio Cathedral, at 6 pm, Finland, Duo Dryades

Tuesday 18 July, Jyväskylä City Church, at 7 pm, Finland, Duo Dryades


Concerts 2016

Sunday 7 August,  Notre Dame du Val à Trébabu, France

Wednesday 10 August, Festival Rencontres Musicales du Kreiz Breizh, France

Thursday 11 August, Arts à la Pointe, Eglise Beuzec de Cap Sizun, Audierne, France

Concerts 2015

16.6.  Oscar Fredrik church at 6 pm, Göteborg-Sweden,  Duo Dryades

17.6. Lekvattneti church at 7 pm Lekvattnet-Sweden,  Duo Dryades

18.6. Grue Finsskogi church at 6 pm, Svullrya-Norway,  M.Lepistö, P. Huttu-Hiltunen and Duo Dryades

20.6. Vinger church at 6 pm, Kongsvinger-Norway,  M. Lepistö, P. Huttu-Hiltunen, Duo Dryades

21.6. Margaret church at 4 pm, Oslo-Norway,  Duo Dryades

19.-25.10. “String-139” Concerts, Peking, China:
19.10. Sunrise Concert Hall, Buaa at 7-8:30 pm

23.10. Centennial Hall, Peking University at 7 -8:30 pm

24.10. La Plantation at 7:30 -8:30 pm

25.10. Owspace at 7:30-8:30 pm

Concerts 2014

23.4. Kuhmo Arts-Centre, Aeterna Double Concerto, Sinfonietta Lentua

6.3. Classical NordicBaltic Riika- Latvia, Showcase concert, Spikeri consert hall 10.50

29.4. Kauhajoki Church 18.00

4.6. MuMa, at 11.30, Le Havre, Normandie, France

15.6. MuMa, at 17.00,  Le Havre, Normandie, France

16.6. MuMa, at 15.00, Le Havre, Normandie, France

21.6. La Chapelle Loc’h, at 20.30, Peumerit Quintin, Bretagne, France

22.6. L’Eglise de St François de Guelmeur, at 18.00, Brest, Bretagne, France

6.8. Copenhagen Guitar Festival, Denmark

14.-16.10. Northern Lights Festival, Lithuania

Duo Dryades, established in 2002 has been performing actively in concerts both in Finland and abroad, among others: Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival (Finland), Time Of Music (Viitasaari), Kokkola Winter Accordion Festival, Kuhmo Winter, Tampere Guitar Festival, Kemiö Music Festival, Oulainen Music Week, Suomussalmi Music Festival, Hauho Music Festival, Folk Music Festival Spelit, Folk Music Festival Sommelo, Music under the Wing of the Castle in Hämeenlinna, Tirando Guitar Festival in Kuhmo, Al Bustan Festival (Lebanon), Août Musical á Dinan, Des Cordes á la campagne, music festivals of Tulle and Rennes (France), Chamber Art Festival of Kostomuksha (Russia), Århus Guitar Festival (Denmark), Tallinn Guitar Festival (Estonia).

Concerts in various parts of Europe cultural venues and theatres, the latest being in various locations in France, including a series of guitar concerts in Théâtre du Lucernaire in Paris, concerts in Théâtre des Sablons in Fontainebleau and in Espace Multiculturel in Chartrettes, a series of concerts in Théâtre du Moulin D’Andé, in Maison de L’Amerique Latine in Paris and in 7 Chapelles en Arts in Guidel.

Concerts in churches in France among others Lézardrieux, Plouegat Moysan, Callas, La Clarté, Loguivy Plougras, Loc Envel, Plestin Les Gréves, Guidel, Arradon, Etables sur Mer and also in churches around in Finland.